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Philadelphia, PA

Practicing Family Law in Philadelphia, PA since 2005

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Family Law Attorney​

Claire Leotta has over 15 years of Family Law experience representing clients in various different family law cases and knows what it takes to obtain success. The sole focus of Claire’s firm is helping families navigate their family disputes in a cordial, most mutually beneficial manner for all the parties involved, especially the children.
Legal matters are never easy to navigate, especially when they involve the most important people and aspects of your life. That is why it’s extremely important to hire an attorney like Claire who not only knows the law, but also knows the best approach to take to obtain the most desirable outcome for you and your family. Claire combines her experience with compassion and commitment to provide you with the quality representation you need and deserve.

The Photo of Claire Leotta Philadelphia Family LAw Attorney

Areas of Expertise

Dependency/Child Welfare
Child Abuse & Neglect
Adoption (Foster care & Private)
Bureau of Hearings & Appeals
Child Custody
Property Settlements​
Orders Of Protection
Domestic Violence
Post/PreNuptial Agreements
Appellate Cases


Ms. Leotta was a light of hope to myself and my children at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a resolution seemed impossible. Ms. Leotta guided me in the entire family/custody process from beginning to end. Her demeanor was calm and she offered emotional support to myself and children. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional and responded to all emails, and phone calls in a timely manner. I highly recommend her services. She may not know it but she made a critical difference in not only mine but my children’s future.
Mary Martin
Represented 2014 (date may be off by a year)
*You have permission to use my name and date of case
Claire Leotta represented me in my divorce April 2015. She was a consummate professional who always answered my questions, answered them in a timely manner and made the hard process bearable. Claire was very empathetic, made things easy to understand and I always knew she was there to help me. Not knowing divorce laws, Claire was 100% knowledgeable, always explaining things clearly and concisely.
Beth V.
I used Claire Leotta for my divorce in 2011 and was beyond pleased. She was very helpful and thoughtfully walked me through the whole process. Her fees were extremely fair and well worth every dime! Yes would recommend her services for everyone.
Whitney W.
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